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IPR High Flow Coolant Filter Ford 6.0 E Series E250 E350 E450 Van Cab Chasis w/Coolant Manifold

IPR High Flow Coolant Filter Ford 6.0 E Series E250 E350 E450 Van Cab Chasis w/Coolant Manifold
IPR Coolant Manifold Center magnet attracts metal particles
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Innovative Performance Research is the first to develop the only 100% inline stainless steel coolant filter in the industry. This filter is the only one the in the market that can be used as a full flow filter, this will allow you to install it inline on the OEM oil cooler housing with the coolant manifold which is capable of filtering 100% of the coolant that runs through the OEM oil cooler. This method is the most effiecient. The stainless filter can be fully dissassembled and washed with any conventional degreaser or solvent. The filter element is stainless steel and features a magnet on the bottom center of the element. The magnet attracts metallic particles such as corroded cast iron that separated from engine block after years of service. IPR's High Flow Coolant Filter is much more effective because IPR uses 3/4" hoses and fittings. Other manufacturer's kits are minimally effective using only small 1/4 or 3/8 heater hose. These other bypass filtration kits on the market uses a disposable paper filter with a 1/8 orifice. IPR's High Flow Coolant Filtration out flows anything in the market by 83%!!!


Check out these pictures on powerstroke.org of actual customer's filtering results

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jamie cutrer
i have this filter up and running and i must say it works great and easy to clean its a keeper
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Dec 18, 2017
I had recently acquired a 2004 F350 DRW Superduty and discovered after purchasing a ScanGauge II that the deltas between the coolant temps and engine oil temps at 65 mph were close to 25 degrees - F_CK!!! So, after a significant amount of research with the hope of avoiding the work needed to install a new Ford Oil Cooler (according to the previous owner, that one in the truck was installed roughly 40K miles ago - an OEM Ford Cooler), I decided on a rigorous coolant system flush and the IPR High Flow Coolant Filter (100% filtering) with the Coolant Manifold.

So, I spent an entire day flushing the old coolant from the truck and then did a full flush using Restore & then the Restore+. I then installed the IPR coolant manifold (without having to remove anything - just moving some hoses out of the way) and used that to give the existing oil cooler a rigorous back flush using an air-assisted flushing gun from Tooltopia (disconnected the lower radiator hose at the radiator to allow backlashed crap from the oil cooler to spill in to a bucket). I then fabricated a bracket to mount the IPR coolant filter/manifold which is now located between the passenger side battery and the radiator with the coolant filter facing down (vs the recommended location/position).

I have now run the truck with the new coolant (Triax HD ELC EC-1 rated Coolant used for Heavy Duty Applications 6 yrs/600,000 miles/12,000 hours). At 500 miles, I pulled out the coolant filter and even with all of that flushing, there was still a ton of rusty metal/sand particles - the first cleaning improved my temp differences dramatically (deltas were in the 12 degree range at 65 mph) and after more cleaning at another 500 miles (yes, a bit less crap but still plenty to effect the flow through the coolant filter) - I will now check the coolant filter maybe every 1000 miles - the deltas are now within 6-8 degrees at 65 mph (and up to 12-14 degrees at higher speeds)!!! The entire effort/price was well worth it - I highly recommend this IPR Coolant Filter and Coolant Manifold (the 100% filtering version)! It saved me the time/effort/cost of replacing my Oil Cooler but more importantly, I now have peace of mind that my coolant is clean and that the oil cooler is not going to get crapped-up anymore!
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Mr. Jeremiah Williams
Nov 27, 2017
Works as designed. I installed this filter after months of research and was not disappointed with the results. After running filter for 500 miles I removed filter from housing and rinsed with distilled water I used a new unopened gallon jug of distilled dropped filter into jug and rinsed. Once rinsed I strained the water using a coffee filter. The IPR system filter collected a surprising large amount of debris. System works flawless and would purchase another one if they had one for a 6.7 powerstroke. I would recommend purchasing the updated manifold with filter as this manifold works perfect for easy back flushing of the oil cooler when needed. I would and do recommend this to anybody that ask about coolant filters. If I could I would download images of debris removed from filter but unfortunately this review page does not have that capability. Anybody that would like to see the debris feel free to email me.
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