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IPR Intake Gasket Kit Ford 6.0

IPR Intake Gasket Kit Ford 6.0
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IPR intake gasket kits are packaged by us to give you the best value. This kit is not available from any other vendor. When removing your intake we do recommend that you fully disassemble all the components off of your intake manifold such as the throttle body, EGR valve and your sensors and degrease the inside of your intake manifold. You will notice large amounts of carbon deposits which deminish performance and MPG from extended driving with your OEM EGR system that gummed up your intake manifold. All orings, gaskets and seals are included in this kit.
Intake gasket x 2
EGR Cooler Gaskets & Orings
EGR Valve Gasket & Orings
Turbo Gaskets & Orings
Throttle body Orings
Orings For All Intake Manifold Mounted Sensors

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Weight 5.00 lbs
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