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IPR Oil Filter For Use With V2 Oil Filter Cap/External Oil Cooler Kit for Ford 6.0

IPR Oil Filter For Use With V2 Oil Filter Cap/External Oil Cooler Kit for Ford 6.0
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IPR External Oil Cooler Kit for Ford 6.0 PowerstroIPIPR'sIPR Oil Filter For Use With External Oil Cooler Kit for Ford 6.0 Powerstroke

Includes all orings for oil filter service.

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Mr. Thomas Colson Sr
May 20, 2018
The IPR oil filter cap is a simple easy spin off filter cap. Just take the two oil lines off the cap and I use a oil filter band wrench and unscrew the cap and remove the filter element. Clean the cap and install a new filter element and Oring. Then just screw the cap back on and tighten it with the band wrench back to where it was clocked too when you took it off. Put the two oil lines back on to the cap and tighten. Thatís is all there is to it, very simple. You will know that your engine oil is being filtered with the best filter on the market, Wix filters. There is No hassle at all changing out the filter from the IPR system. I have read and watched YouTube videos of some complaining about the cap leaking or taking off the hoses. The problem is the installers didnít follow instructions when installing the IPR product. The instructions say clearly do not unbolt and remove the top of the filter cap from the bottom part of the filter cap. When you first install the filter housing and the spin on filter cap and tighten it tight. All you need to do is loosen the three small bolts on the cap and clock the cap so the oil hose fittings point in the right direction. You only turn the cap in one direction. Then you tighten up the three bolts to the toque spects and leave alone. You should not ever need to loosen them again. Where people make mistakes including mechanics is, they think you unbolt the cap to change the filter and thatís completely wrong. So if they do it that way youíll probably have a oil leak. I do my own work and oil changes. I know that not everyone out there have been a mechanic for fifty years but most anyone with mechanical abilities can do this oil filter change. IPR has made the top quality product and use the top of the line filters Wix. I personally did a few extra thing to the filter cap so if I or my wife ever takes our truck in for a oil filter change someone else they can do it with no problem. After I installed the IPR system, I added three extra bolts to the filter cap to lock it tighter to help prevent someone from removing the top part of the oil filter cap. The extra metric bolt holes are already there for clocking the cap, just add the bolts in the empty holes. With the extra bolts I found that people will look at the filter cap and then investigate how the filter housing comes apart before they just take out the three bolts and pull the cap off. I actually had two holes extra per slot after clocking the cap, so I added a total 6 bolts to the top part of the cap. That made a total of 9 bolts around the cap. I also painted the oil line fittings on the hose and cap side fittings, one color for the inlet side and one color for outlet side. You can take a sharpie and mark the direction to unscrew off and to screw on. The top of the filter cap is vary large so I just ingraved a 2Ē round brass tag with simple instructions on how to remove the oil filter and cap. Then I glued it to the top of the filter housing. The mechanics I have talked too said they would have no problem with understanding how to change out the filter of the IPR system with the instructions I put on the brass tag.
Now I just want to say, IPR has made by far the best External mount oil cooler with the high flow coolant filter and EGR delete system on the market. The engine runs so much cooler towing and I have more power at lower and top end having done the EGR delete at the same time. IPR has put together great package deals. Just call and talk to Vince.
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Mr. John Puplava
Aug 12, 2018
I recommended this system for every 6.0 powerstroke. It's Awesome systems.
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Feb 15, 2018
IPR makes a great product. This is my second 5000 mile trip and everything worked just great. I'm very happy with the customer serice.
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Mr. Paul Stroud
May 12, 2017
Filter is very easy to replace. Lots easier than I thought. Its been a great system that has really helped with the oil temp. IPR has great customer service too.
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Jason Claiborne
Oct 28, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Using these filters and testing the oil they hold up amazing and work as good or better then stock filters for sure.
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