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IPR High Flow Coolant Filter Ford 6.0

IPR High Flow Coolant Filter Ford 6.0
Center magnet attracts metal particles
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IPR has finished testing and is currently producing our coolant filters. This filter is the only one the in the market that can be used as a full flow filter, this will allow you to install it inline on the heater hose and filter 100% of the coolant that runs through the heater hose which is much more effective in contamination filtration than anything out in the market. You can also use it as a bypass filteration by using a T connector. No need be concerned that filter may completely plug up, this would not cause any issues if the filter was to completely plug, you would only lose heated coolant going to your heater core = no heater. IPR's High Flow Coolant Filter is fully serviceable, the filter can be fully dissassembled and washed with any conventional degreaser or solvent. The filter element is stainless steel and features magnet in the bottom center of the element. The magnet attracts metallic particles such as corroded cast iron from your engine block that has separated. The magnetic design was implemented to extend filter service intervals, it allows the filter element to trap sand and non metallic particles while most of the metallic particles stay on the bottom of the filter element bonded on the magnet. IPR's High Flow Coolant Filter is much more effective because IPR uses 3/4" hoses. IPR has seen many coolant bypass kits in the last 2 years and have refuse to develop a product that is minimally effective using only small 1/4 or 3/8 heater hose. Most of these other bypass filtration kits on the market uses a Baldwin filter with a 1/8 orifice. IPR's High Flow Coolant Filtration out flows anything in the market by 83%!!!

Check out these pictures on powerstroke.org of actual customer's filtering results

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